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Contributing to

The objective of this guide is to guide you in the process of adding guides and helping to contribute to the


  1. Github account
  2. Knowledge of markdown

Decide Where to contribute or to add to

There are many sections that can be contributed to on This short guide below may help you decide where to add a guide or other contributions.


This sections is what it sounds like. In this section, you may add guides that help with installation. For example Installing ThingsPro on a UC-8100.

IT Daily life

This section is for guides that have to do with the IT life, including but not limited to keeping firmware up to date and Network management. For example, this would be a great spot to add a guide on Creating OpenVPN Access Server on AWS.

OT Integration

This section is a place where guides for connecting to the cloud and other OT integration exist. For example, many guides for connecting to AWS and Azure exist here.

Into The Wild

This section is more of a section for guides that do not really belong with the other guides. For example, a guide for using ThingsPro Server can be placed here.


This section is for the developers. Guides here for example, can be for connecting with ThingsPro using RESTful API.

How to Contribute to the selected Section

Once you have decided where to place your guide or contribute, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the section you selected. step1
  2. Click on the pencil in the top right to begin to edit. step2
  3. Begin to edit the Page, the page uses markdown, in this cases we added an example bullet and description to go with it. step3
  4. We can then preview the page by clicking on preview changes. This will preview how the page will look with the edits.step4
  5. Before you commit changes, make sure to add commit information to help show and inform others what was changed. For example, in this case we tell others we added a new bullet and description. You can then propose the changes. step5
  6. Once proposed, you may compare the changes done. step6
  7. You can then Create pull request to add to the page.step7
  8. Remember to add a commit once again before opening a pull request. step8